Monday, February 4, 2013

ORD Camp drink report

A little over a week ago we were fortunate enough to attend ORD Camp in Chicago. Pierre and I spent the weeks leading up to ORD Camp working on the newest version of Bartendro. We literally finished putting all the pieces together in the hotel room in Chicago and once we arrived at ORD Camp. Up until we arrived at ORD Camp, the bot had never served a single drink!

Bartendro @ ORD Camp (photo by John Tolva)
What could've easily turned into a "demo nightmare" turned out to be a success! Aside from one minor hiccup at the start, Bartendro did an amazing job of pouring drinks all evening long.

The reactions Bartendro received were stunning! My favorite quote would have to be: "I've seen a lot of awesome, but this is the best thing EVAR. EVAR!"

It seems that everyone was pleased with our invention -- we ended up pouring 149 drinks that evening!

The model shown on the above is Bartendro 7: it has 7 pumps and can dispense 7 different types of liquids and serve 14 different drinks. At ORD Camp we loaded the bot with:
  1. Lime juice
  2. Cranberry juice
  3. Butterscotch schnapps
  4. Sour apple pucker
  5. Kahlua
  6. Bailey's
  7. Vodka
Bartendro gave us the following report at the end of the evening:

Total number of drinks: 149
Total volume of drinks: 18.032 Liters
drinknumbervolume (L)
Vodka cranberry253.12
Sour apple martini202.37
Buttery nipple151.53
Vodka gimlet151.858
Black russian111.47
Black unicorn81.049
Caramel apple60.69
Baby guinness50.63
Girl scout cookie40.51
Pure ecstasy20.24
Screaming orgasm10.12

I was especially pleased how well people adapted to it after their first drink. There were quite a few repeat customers who knew exactly what to do to get their drink. Two or three taps, hold the cup under the spout, press POUR wait a few seconds and they were off to rejoin whatever shenanigans that were underway. 

It was a great evening -- thanks to everyone who came and helped us test the latest incarnation of Bartendro. We're gearing up for a Kickstarter soon and if you're interested in getting your own bot or pumps to make your own bot, stay tuned on this blog or follow us on Twitter.